10 Blog Posts In 10 Days “CHALLENGE”

Are you a LAZY blogger? or your busy schedule keep you trapped in and you don’t write blog posts so often.

If that is the case, I feel the same and I heard somewhere “To achieve your Goal you need to have an accountability system that pushes you to work for your Goal and get done with it!”

 And that’s why I came up with an idea to write a post daily to be more productive.. SO, here is the DEAL!! It’s a challenge to get done with 10 posts in 10 days!

NOT only for me but also FOR YOU BLOGGERS who are for whatever reasons, just too lazy or busy in writing a Blog Posts and creating content frequently. I even talked about The Best Tips to Increase Productivity as a Blogger that’s very useful post.

So, How will we do it?

In this post I will assist you and guide you to complete this challenge, but before that I want to tell you why this is IMPORTANT for your BLOG!


More BLOG POSTS meaning MORE TRAFFIC to your Blog, If you make a habit to create content on a daily basis you will find yourself more productive than ever before and ultimately you are investing in your BLOG that will return you in near future.

To gain trust from your audience it’s essential to give solution to their problems and relate yourself with your targeted audience and that will only happen when you will be consistent in giving what they need.

If your audience is happy with you and trust you then there is a higher chance that they will listen to you when you come up with affiliate products and also invest in your products or courses. So, to make your blog a lucrative business you need to bring targeted audience to your website/blog and in return your blog needs to have a good quality content in it.

Remember this Challenge is all about consistency and persistence, to get a solid habit to create a good quality content within a time and be a productive blogger.


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YES! this is a realistic and achievable goal, most blogger do have a habit to write and post on a daily basis but some of them like myself, are good at delay doing it and procrastinate a lot.

So, this challenge is for you guys who want to make a good and consistent habit of writing more and utilize your blogging time more sufficiently as I am doing or at least trying.

My progress will be visible on my blog as I will start this challenge right after I publish this post live.

I will follow up with 21 days challenge once I finished 10 days challenge successfully, so I will keep you guys updated to follow along with me and become a better blogger and run a successful online business.

How this works?

Before getting into it. I have penned down most important points you need to keep in mind that will help you drastically in writing a useful content and making it beneficial for your blog.

Create a Blog Posting Strategy

You need a strategy and a roadmap before you dive in and start writing a post.

Meaning, you have to plan blog post topics prior, you don’t want to brainstorm ideas at the time you would press the post button andmakeyour post live.

Make a list of valuable topics that your audience needs. Also, set the suitable and most productive time for writing a post, If you are struggling with it push yourself and take a lil dose of motivation-It will work!

You can read my post How to turn your Blog into a Passive Money making Machine.

I usually read blog income and traffic reports when I feel distracted from my blogging goals.

Make a Good Quality Content

You should never compromise the quality of your content, I mean, what’s the point of creating a content that is not useful and doesn’t provide value to the readers.

However, you don’t need to be too perfect and spend hours and hours to make it flawless. Instead try to become good at it gradually. For example, if you are not good at writing it doesn’t mean you need to spend whole day long making it ideal, everything takes time but make sure you are providing value.  See what others are doing to make their articles valuable and apply those tricks to improve yours – learn and apply!

How Long Should My Blog Posts be?

It depends on your writing speed and capability, some people might write a post of 3000 words in 3 hours and some can write 1000 words in 3 hours.

I would suggest you to write at least 1000-1200 words long post, If these numbers are large for you make a content of 800 words but not below than that, I know it’s hard for some of you but it is reachable, YOU CAN DO IT in 3 hours if you are focused.

Before start writing an article create a structure first, it will keep you concentrated and help finishing it on time. Besides, take an hour or so to reread, add images and edit your content.

Be Relevant to Your Niche

Relevancy is so important if you want to run a business blog. Make content around your niche that suits to your targeted audience and help them solving their problems that’s how you will gain trust and get a loyal and dedicated audience.

To be more relevant in blogging, go to your competitor’s sites and find the best library of content and write blog post around those topics.

Focus on content engagement by linking your posts to every most relevant blog posts you have in your blog, use this as a marketing tactic for a long run and don’t let your audience go anywhere else.


This challenge will tremendously improve your content creation skills also you will be able to write more in short time. This challenge will increase your productivity as well as you will start focusing more on how to improve and grow your blog business.

Along with this challenge you can also set goals for traffic and income you want to generate with your blog.

You will also love to read Five Steps to Make Five Figure from Blogging.

Final thoughts..

I recommend to accept these kind of challenges to push yourself outside your comfort zone and make a habit to work efficiently and smartly. For more effective results you can hold someone accountable to track your progress and remind you to not get distracted.

Let me know If you’re up for 10 blog post in 10 days “challenge”.