10 Ways to Make Money Online as an Artist

There was a time when people say you can’t make money as an artist, but it’s not true anymore – at least not while digital age exist.

So many platforms providing you an opportunity to sell your art online. Moreover, there are tons of option to make money if you’re a creative person.

You can turn your talent into profitable occupation that could make you happy and rich simultaneously – don’t worry you don’t need to spend money if you need to polish your talent. In this post you’ll come to know best platforms where you can easily create digital art – So, you’ll just need a creative mind and an internet 🙂

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How to Earn Online as an Artist

Here is the list of best possible ways to earn money online if you are an artist.

Start your own Art Blog

Have you been looking to have your own online community and followers? Blogging gives you the chance to interact with your audience using your art – though it’s true that creative minds are more into visual than writing. However, Blogging can help you turning your talent into lucrative occupation and earning money as well as fame.

So, if you are confuse on what to write and present in front of your audience, here are some ideas for your art blog.

  • Make Tutorials around creating and designing different art pieces
  • Write Reviews on art supplies and products
  • Provide information on new exhibitions and contests
  • Interview and collaborate with other artists
  • Share your thoughts and opinions

Now You might be wondering,

How do I make money with my art blog?

There are so many ways to earn from your blog, you can make money writing sponsored post or review post, use affiliate marketing and earn commissions, posts ads on your blog and earn passively, you can sell your own product as well and you can make money from offering your services as an artist.

So, produce useful content around your niche for your audience and enjoy blogging.

If you’re looking to start an art blog check How to start a Profitable Business Blog.

Earn With your YouTube Art Channel

Camera shy or not, Starting an art channel on YouTube is one of the best way to showcase your talent in front of the whole world, People tend to watch satisfying art videos and you don’t need to show yourself on camera just make good content, upload it on YouTube and you work is out there.

All you need is a filming equipment (make sure your video quality is good and enough light in your room while making a video) and desire to share your art to the world.

If you want your channel and video rank on YouTube so that more people can see it, you should keep few things in mind;

  • Make videos around your niche or topic
  • Be consistent – upload 2-3 times a week
  • Use Keywords

You can also start a vlog as an artist if you aren’t an introvert person.

Work as a Freelancer

Have Photoshop skills? Offer your service and start getting projects, there are plenty of platforms out there where you can make a portfolio and work as a freelancer – you can make good money by designing websites, logos, banners and much more.

Fiverr would be my number one recommended platform, reason being its diversity – you can find any possible service you can offer their and that’s why different types of customers get attracted towards it which can work in your favor.

Earn Commissions Passively with Established Websites

Websites like Designhill.com and Design99.com give platform to artists where they can upload their design and add them in store after creating multiple products – and earn commission or work as a freelancer.

You can choose your own price or let them manage pricing and promotions for you. Cool part is you don’t need to worry about shipping costs and customer services.

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Selling Your Art on Instagram

You can get a lot of attention on Instagram, Many Instagram influencers earn a good money just posting pictures there so selling on Instagram is common among modern solopreneurs.

So, get benefit from your Instagram account and start building followers list – you know the drill, more followers meaning more impressions.

The best way to build your image on Instagram is to start cross-promoting on other social media platform and let the world know about your brand, not only it will increase your sells but also create your image as a professional and powerful brand.

Teach Online

Teach Online what you know as I must say teaching online is progressively becoming an option and has great advantages over the traditional teaching in terms of flexible hours and reaching more students, it might not be easy to setup your online class from the first day, but you can use established platforms where you can registered yourself, launch your own school with live classes and start teaching courses.

Here is a list of platforms you might want to try and start teaching art online!

Selling on Etsy

Etsy is a very popular and established ecommerce website where millions of people selling the things they love specifically “unique items”.

You could easily earn decent money with Etsy, all while doing something you enjoy. Many artists succeeded in generating passive income selling art there.

Setting an Etsy shop is super simple, you don’t need to have a techie bone to get an Etsy shop running. So, start your shop on Etsy if you want to turn your passion into profitable business.

Create and selling an ebook

Best option when you want to earn money while sleeping, if you are already into blogging then your best move would be to write an ebook and sell it. As it’s much easier to promote and sell ebook while blogging, you can provide value to your audience and they will be happy to buy from you. I personally think that it is a potential step as your audience trust you and consider you as an expert.

You can try out Gumroad, a good choice to sell your eBook by linking it with your blog.

Work for blogs and magazines

Make powerful connections and let more people know your name. Working for other websites and magazines is easy all you need to do is to follow and make a good relation with them, connect through online groups and showcase your talent. Most website owners hire from their own followers – if they hire you, it’s a good opportunity to put your name in front of large audience.

Make money with art blog flipping

Have you ever heard about Blog flipping? Let me tell you if you haven’t Blog flipping is when you build or buy a blog or website and you sell it for profit.

You are an artist you can design and create an art website and sell it to someone with good price, your website doesn’t to be old but the price can vary, depending on the domain name, age of website, number of traffic and monetization.

How do you sell your website?

Most of the solo entrepreneurs sell on their websites on Flippa, you don’t need to worry about this part. Just get your feet wet and you won’t find it hard to find clients to sell your websites.

Best free designing tools

If you are an artist you might know online designing tools, but here are my favorite ones that will help you creating your art pieces smoothly and smartly.


Very popular among Bloggers and website developers, Canva is one of the great tool that has plenty of templates and elements that can help you designing your own piece.


Pixlr is a cloud-based online photo editor platform with number of helpful features for professionals and beginners both. At the moment, it is free to use and comes with no pricing fees.


Designers no longer have to spend hours creating designs and manipulating graphics in Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Inkscape is a free and user-friendly platform to create and edit illustrations, logos and vector graphics.


As the name might suggest Coolors is all about color schemes that helps you to explore and create perfect palette


Like Canva, Stencil is an easy-to-use online graphic design tool and image editor where you can create design faster than ever.

Final thoughts..

I hope you will choose one of these ways to promote your art and earn money – also this list of free design tool platforms will make your job easier. So, create beautiful art designs, follow your passion and turn it into a lucrative business.