11 Tips to Increase Productivity as a Blogger

Do you want to become a good blogger but whenever you start working on it, you always feel overwhelmed? And somehow you find yourself less productive? Believe it or not you are not alone my friend, this happens to every blogger!

Yes, including me. But there are some ways that help me to increase my productivity and blog better (enormously better 🙂

I’ll share with you these tips and ways to boost your productivity and become more efficient as a blogger.

But first, you just promise yourself that you will do exactly and take your blog more seriously. Bloggers who make $1000, $5000 and even $10k+ monthly have burned their midnight oil and hustled but the thing that made them keep going is their determination. So, makeup your mind that you need to put efforts first to get the charm of blogging!

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So, Let’s get started

Set your short term and long term Blogging Goals.

Setting goals is essential not only to increase productivity but also if you want to run your blog as a business. In order to achieve something you must know How to Set Realistic Goals, same applies in blogging whether you want to earn money from a food blog or beauty blog setting goals and developing plans are the first things you should do.

Start with Long Term Goals you want to achieve for your blog.

For example, How many blog post you want to write yearly? Which affiliate programs you want to work with? And How much revenue you want to make from your blog in one year?

Now break these goals into small ones and make them month wise.

For example, getting 10000 page views in current month and 15000 in next month (numbers totally depends on you and your blogging expertise and other factors too), How much you want to earn monthly? And targeting to reach specific numbers of followers on your social media account.

If you are a beginner or blogging for quite some time but haven’t earn money through your blog then make a Roadmap of your blog, describe your objectives, goals,plans and expectations-with right Roadmap it becomes crystal clear what needs to happen and how it will happen.

Write your one month Blog Post Ideas prior.

Do research, think and write down one month blog post topics in advance. It will help you a lot and save your time as planning and thinking what you want to write about is very time consuming.

Schedule Blog Posts

Blogging is not about only writing, we have several different task to do like brainstorming, editing, photographing, social media marketing and many more and it consumes a lot of time. Write your posts in advance and make a schedule to publish them. You can take one day and write 3-4 blog posts in a bulk or you can choose to write blog posts daily but try to prepare your post in advance.

Find out your most Productive Time

We all know that we are most productive in the morning, but many of us don’t get the chance to do blog stuff in morning due to full time jobs or because many of us are not morning birds. So, if you don’t get the chance to blog early in the morning then realize which time is productive and better to concentrate for you.

If you are struggling to be productive at work specifically in your online business then start exercising and reading, it helped me a lot and will also work for you.

Separate your Work and Rest Hours

Do you mix up your working and resting hours? I know this happens a lot with those who work at home, sometimes we just don’t prefer to finish blogging tasks and we let other things to come on our way. So, it’s essential to distinguish working and resting time to not get distracted and lose focus.


We do struggle a lot in focusing right? Of course this has become a painful habit of 21 century-I believe main reason are cell phones.  Whenever you feel yourself distracted you just need to remind yourself, why you started it? and if you work hard right now how this will benefit you in future? This tips helps me whenever I lose focus.

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Check email and social media accounts twice a day

You don’t need to check your emails and social account every hour. If you do so then get rid of this habit it will only distract you from your task. So be professional and only check your accounts twice a day.

Don’t monitor Google analytics too frequently

When I started blogging I used to check google analytics every hour, Do you do this too? It’s good to monitor your traffic as it allow you to see sources of traffic and many other things as well but it can make you unhappy and demotivated when your blog don’t get your targeted numbers of traffic, instead you can invest your time learning new things and reading other blogs.

Celebrate your Achievements and be Proud

Give yourself credit when you achieve your targets and goals-it could be a chocolate, your favorite dinner or may be a movie. It’s good to celebrate your small and big victories on your own-after all small achievements leads to big goals, it keeps you motivated and level up your confidence.

Read other Blog Posts

You must have read blogs when you started your blogging journey. Do you still read other blogs and enjoy them? Make a habit to read others article daily specifically in your niche, there is a lot of information out there that you don’t want to miss, you can make good contacts by reading and commenting on other blogs as well as it keeps you motivated specially blog traffic and income reports.

Take a Break when you need

Don’t get yourself overwhelmed. You should know whether to work more or its time to take a break. It’s your right to enjoy your life and you can plan a vacation to give yourself time to gain fresh perspective.

Read Books

There are so many reasons why established and successful people always prefer their audience to make a habit of reading books daily. And there is no secret every successful individual has a regular tendency towards reading.

Many bloggers don’t take this seriously but my friend if you want to achieve something in your life whether it’s related to blogging or something else, you need to adopt this habit-Reading good books makes you super human (no I am not kidding..okay at least super blogger)

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Final thoughts..

If you are lacking in productivity and suffering in making good content then you shouldn’t ignore this instead find out the reason why you are not blogging efficiently and productively and work on it, use these tips it will really help.

Please do share your blogging journey and how you cope with this problem. I would love to hear from you.