Best Cash Back Apps in 2021

Do you know there are some legit cash back apps that you can download for free and earn cashback and rewards?

We do install gaming and other apps on our mobile phone devices then why not those apps that will really put our hard earned money back in our pockets.

Not only that but you can get coupons to get discounts and still get cash rewards from these sites.

These cash back apps are the best ways for affordable shopping and yet a creative way to save money.

Meaning, you can save $500-$800 yearly with these legit cash-back apps without changing your shopping habits.

Again, these cash back apps are free to download even some cash back apps will give you $5-$20 for a single sign-up.

Real Cash Back Apps and Rewards Apps in 2021


What is Ibotta?

If you find yourself a grocery lover, then this site is for you!

Ibotta is an American technology company founded in 2012. One of the best and popular app, allow you to earn cash back and rewards on in-store, mobile app and online shopping. It is an American technology company. Here you will get cash back every time you shop for groceries and more.

How it works?

Ibotta app is very easy to use. Here you can find cash back offers and deals at your local grocery store. You will have plenty of deals to choose from. You might need to do a short online task like watching video or doing short surveys to get the best deal or cash back.

Payment method:

Once you get $20 you can cash out with Paypal, venmo or gift cards of best stores.


What is Drop?

It’s a mobile cashback app that put money back in your pocket whenever you shop online or in-store. Through this app you can get to earn points passively for that you need to link your debit card or credit card with this app. You will get cash back on your complete purchase, it’s one of the best free app that rewards you for your daily spending.

How it works?

Download this app and sign-up also don’t forget to link your debit or credit card. By shopping through this app you will earn points. Not only that you can also earn more rewards by referring your friends and family members and much more.

Payment Method:

In Drop you will get $1 dollar for every 1000 points. And once you get 5000 points you can get cash back or redeem them for gift cards of your popular stores.


What is Shopkick?

Shopkick is a cash back or rewards app which is little different from other cash back apps. Here you don’t need to overspend your money to get deals.

How Shopkick works?

If you don’t have money to spend on shopping but still you want to earn points and gift cards then Shopkick is for you. Using this app you don’t need to spend money or do shopping instead you can just walk into stores and scan items – like window shopping where we get to see products but we don’t buy them.

Payment Method:

Once you get 500 points you get $2 gift card of your favorite store. You can easily exchange your points with Gift cards of Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best buy.

Fetch Rewards

What is Fetch Reward?

Fetch Reward is free reward and cash back mobile app for lazy people. If you are not so active buyer or you have a busy schedule then Fetch Reward is best app for you. This app is super easy to use and you need to scan your every grocery receipt from any store.

How Fetch Reward works?

Don’t need to search for products and do online shopping. You just need to take a photo of any receipt from a grocery store within 14 days of purchase.

Payment Method:      

Enter code PENNY When you sign-up to get instant 2,000 free points. You can cash out your points for a gift card to a number of best retailers.


What is Checkout 51?

Checkout is another app that lets you make money on your grocery shopping by taking photos of your receipts from any store. You can use checkout 51 deals in conjunction with other different coupons.

How It works?

Offers and deals in checkout 51 are updated every Tuesday. To get access you need to download this app and sign up browse best deal that suits you and shop, then scan your receipts to earn cash back.

Payment Method:

Once you get $20 you can cash out via check also you can get money through PayPal.


What is Rakuten?

Formely known as Ebates, recommended by many shopping experts because getting cash back and free money is easiest with Rakuten. You can earn up to 40% cash back on your online purchases with this site or app. So, it is one of the best and recommended app for shopaholics.

How It works?

Rakuten browser extension automatically searches for deals and promos and applied promo codes when you make a purchase.

This app gives $5 and $10 for US residents for a single sign up after you make your first purchase of $25 or more.

Payment Method:

You can use your Rakuten payouts to purchase Amazon gift cards that you can use for online shopping on Amazon or you can cash out via Paypal or check.


What is Honey?

Honey is a free browser extension that searches and apply for best coupon codes. It helps you saving money doing shopping on Amazon by showing you the best price on Amazon

You can get cash back on every purchase you make with Honey. This app provide you a feature called Honey Gold where you get up to 15% cashback by doing shopping and you get your cash back with amazon and other retailers gift card.

How it Works?

You can get cash back on every purchase you make with Honey. This website provide you a feature called Honey Gold where you get up to 15% cashback by doing shopping and you get your cash back with amazon gift card. This app provide automatic savings with no more self-searching for deals and discount codes.

Payment Method:

With Honey Gold feature of this app you can cash out for Gift Cards once you reached 1000 points. It also has a referral program which pays you $5 with every friend you refer.


What is SavingStar?

This app is best for you If you don’t want to try other app and want to stick with one for a long time. With SavingStar you don’t need to worry about the place or item you buy. You just need a store loyalty card so that you get automatic rebates.

How It works?

With SavingStar you will need to scan your store card to link your rebates. You can also just scan your receipts to get cash back or rebates.If you like to buy items in bulk then SavingStar is best choice for you.

Payment method:   

Once you get $20 in your account you can cash out your money to bank account or via PayPal.


What is Paribus?

It’s an app that informs you when a product price dropped or it’s on sale. If you purchased that item previously then this app will get your price back to your card. For that Paribus will need access to your email so that it can monitor your account for receipts.

How it works?

This app works with big retail companies like Amazon, Target, etc. It also has a browser extensions that informs users for latest deals and coupons.

Payment Method:

If you made a purchase with your credit card then this app give you cash back on your Credit Card. Otherwise you will get money back on original form of payment.

Final thoughts..

Saving hard-earned money on Shopping is a dream of everyone. There are so many apps that offers you cash back schemes but we some of them are not legit. Remember all of these cash back apps are real and free to download and use!

If you find yourself a frugal yet shopaholic then this list is a gem for you, you won’t get rich using these apps but definitely save few hundred dollars maybe $1000.

You just need to choose an app that helps you in saving more money and make your life easy without changing your spending habits.