Blogging Roadmap

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Dear friend,

If you would like to earn extra money through blogging and turn your blog into a money making machine.. so you can make your life easier and become an online entrepreneur or blogpreneur then this is going to be a life changing post for you all.

I am running this blog to help you guys by sharing my best tips, strategies and my mistakes that I’ve learned throughout this blogging journey – (this is not my first blog)

I can understand If you are blogging for a while and didn’t earn a single penny from it or maybe you haven’t achieve your blogging goals yet.

It is just because you have started your blog with no direction! Maybe you got motivated by seeing some Income Reports and they made you register and purchase your blog hosting and domain but you got stuck with the process! Just starting a blog doesn’t mean you gonna start earning money from day 1!

So I am writing this post to help you making your blog into a lucrative business so you can enjoy the financial freedom and become your own boss J

You don’t want to start a business that has no direction because real entrepreneurs make strategic plans so that they know what needs to be done and how it will be done (considering time and other factors too), and that is why they make roadmaps- trust me it is very important if you want to become a successful solopreneur.

What is Roadmap?

Roadmap is a visualize strategic plan that defines your goals and desired outcome and tells you what significant steps or milestones you needed to achieve your business goal.

Do you need a Blogging Roadmap?

If you run a blog, like any business you need to have a solid roadmap for your blog as well to make your blogging career successful within a year.

How to make your own Blogging Roadmap?

To make a Roadmap for a Blog, first of all define your blog strategy and determine blog vision.

Once you are all cleared about it, start brainstorming on your blogging goals, plans and expectations. Write all your hows and whats. Do lots of research and monitor your competitors. Then decide your niche and create good quality content around that topic at this phase you might be pretty sure on How will you like to monetize your Blog, there are different ways to earn money through blogging like Affiliate Marketing, Sponsered posts, services, etc.

You can use all modules to earn money or you can use just one, it’s totally up to you.

Now make a time frame or pre plan to get your work done on time. Try different strategies to engage your audience and grow your email list.

If you want a helping hand on your Blogging career then I am here for you! Shoot me a mail at [email protected]

Things to do before planning a Roadmap

Before planning a blogging roadmap you need to have a clear mindset for example you have to make sure on what niche you want to write about and what audience you are targeting.