Five steps to make Five Figures from Blogging

Do you want to make five figures from Blogging? Who doesn’t, right?

You can earn a hell lot of money with blogging if you are ready to invest your heart and soul into it!

I spent hours and hours online to study cases before starting my own blogging journey and believe me I am saying this with all transparency that If you are the doer you can make five figures within a 6 months with your blog!!

When I started blogging to escape the 9 to 5 rat race, I made tons of mistakes, struggled so much in every aspect of blogging and learned some important lessons that I wish I knew earlier in my Blogging journey.

So, I am going to share five Powerful steps that will help you making five figures from your Blog.

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Here are the five steps that you need to follow to make five figures from blogging.

  1. Develop A Mindset to Achieve Your Goal
  2. Make a Roadmap
  3. Work Your Fingers to the Bone
  4. Blog Wisely
  5. Keep on Track

Develop A Millionaire Mindset

First thing first, If you want to be a successful blogger you have to act like one. It’s a mindset that will lead you to your destination. If you want to build wealth, you’ll need to occupy your mind and time like a true Entrepreneur. They read, exercise and work more that’s why they are motivated and confident in their decisions. 

Business Success is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. By Tony Robbins

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How to Develop your Mindset to achieve Goals

Read and Study other Bloggers

In order to get the outcome you want you need to feed your mind accordingly. Many successful entrepreneurs and business leaders read more than anyone else. It seems they dedicate more hours to reading than other activities. It’s not a coincidence, it’s worth making investment to Personal Growth that Real Entrepreneurs and High Profile Business Personalities know very well.

The four hour work week, Awake the Giant Within and The $100 startup are popular among new entrepreneurs.

If you really can’t bring yourself to read then at least listen to audio books and podcasts on entrepreneurship.

Work on 4 P’s – Patience, Persistence, Passion and Purpose

Waiting is not easy! Neither being persistent!! But if you practice these elements along with working on your Passion and keeping your purpose in mind you will win this blogging game. Remember there is no such thing as cheap success.

I find a lot of people give up too early in blogging. They don’t stick around long enough to see the progress.

Don’t Afraid to spend money

Spending money in right courses and program won’t hurt your budget! In fact it’s a best investment you make for your business. After all, your right investments will return you back with great profit.

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Pinterest Scheduler I recommend: Tailwind

Make A Roadmap

As an Entrepreneur before setting up your business you must need to spend hours and hours in making a business plan, doing research and study what your competitors are doing and have done to run their startups.

If you don’t have a roadmap for your blog you will be distracted easily!

Speaking from my own experience, every business needs a Roadmap weather it’s a small blog or a large company.

I have study entrepreneurship cases, and successful ones have this one thing common, they started their businesses with strategic plans, these plans not only help their businesses to grow but motivate them to stick with their goals and dreams.

A roadmap is essential for any kind of startups it helps in deep thinking, explain whats, whys and hows of your business and helps you to stay on track. As an entrepreneur you need to make strategic plans, set clear goals with dates and describe important actions that will help your business to grow – If you want a Blogging or an Online Business Roadmap I’ll be more than happy to assist you (check my services here)

Work Your Fingers to the Bone

Hard work always pays off, whatever you do.

I always believe hard work brings you where you want to go, it’s a true shame that we don’t put our 100% (most of the time) when it comes to do things on our own but still we complain about results we get.

In blogging game you have to work hard in the beginning to build up your content and establish trust with your audience and later once your blog become famous you won’t need to invest more than six hours weekly.

Here are some points to follow that will help you to work hard,

Be Productive

You won’t be able to achieve anything unless you make yourself work for it and that’s why being productive helps you and teaches you to continuously push yourself.

It’s important to stay productive in blogging hours but as a blogger you might face this situation when you don’t want to work and find yourself less productive and demotivated here is The essential ways to increase productivity as a blogger post.

Eventually being productive can easily guide you to create better blogging habits.

Make your Blogging Goals visible

Believe me you will find yourself motivated and driven to achieve your blogging goals when you make them visible all the time.

Make a vision board or you can make a written plan and paste it on a wall, make them simple and easy to read, It’s necessary to stay connected with your goals.

Lookback over your blogging goals for evaluation and track your progress every day.

Remember, Goals that are not visible are often never achieved.

Surround yourself with people Who Inspires you

The people you surround yourself with directly impact on what you want to become.

Study people whose inspirational stories motivate you. As a blogger I recommend you to read successful bloggers post especially their traffic and income reports.

One of My favorite is: Mayamaceka Income Reports

By reading these post you will definitely find yourself motivated and you will push yourself to work hard.

Challenge Yourself!

Try to be one step forward, challenge yourself to work more than your daily target, if you follow this tip it will become your habit not only that it will also increase your productivity meaning more work done!

For example, if you want to write a blog post in 2 days, challenge yourself to complete it in one day or If you write 1000 words daily increase it to 1500 words.

Blog Wisely

Most people work hard but not smart, I say work smart plus work hard as well if you are serious in achieving your dreams.

Blogging is not write blog posts and hit The Publish now button it’s more than that if you are blogging for business! Way more than that!!

So let’s get straight into it, you are aiming to blog for money and trying to turn it into a lucrative online business then you need to be wise and sharp at least as a blogger, think and act as a wise blogger! You have to be careful in taking any move whether its choosing a blog topic or a picture you post in your blog article.

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Here are few things that will help you to blog smartly,

Have a solid Blogging Plan

You just can’t sign up for a marathon and start running on a long-distance race. You need a solid business plan that covers all aspects of blogging, your goals and objectives moreover steps to take and strategies that make you a successful blogger.

Make it all about your Readers

Remember, You must blog for your readers/audience, they don’t want to hear what you do and how you do until your blog become pretty famous. They want solutions to their problem. If you are not sure what topics you should write about then ask your audience or search what is trending in your niche.

Invest in your Blog

Don’t afraid to invest in yourself and in your blog. Money makes more money, but your investment should be smart and wise so you don’t regret later.

Listen to those whom you trust and if they recommend you something, ask yourself if you need it or not then invest.

Take risks yet trust yourself!

Some people are natural risk-takers, they are emotionally ready for the challenges of building something on their own. If this trait is not in you then start developing it cause down the road you will have to take risks and you might definitely think to do experiments however when you make those decisions Trust yourself and be confident!


Make connections not only with your readers but also with others who are in the same niche, It will not only benefit you but will also help other blogging people because networking is all about creating trusting relationships and friendships with them and assist them if they need!

Keep on Track

Still reading my friend?

It shows you have a potential to make your dreams a reality whether it’s a blogging dream or other one, cause most people don’t take time to read or implement on things that will benefit them in a long run.

So, I want to discuss this because keeping on track is very important thing not only in blogging but in every business or any goal you want to achieve, we all distract easily this thing happened to me as well   and believe me you will regret later if you lose focus.

No great achievement is possible without Persistent work, keep pushing yourself and If you feel yourself less disciplined give yourself good 20 seconds and continue what you are doing, Believe me just give fine 1-2 years to blogging you will be thankful to yourself later.

One tip that I find useful is find an accountability partner who will actually keep you focused and can hold you accountable on the goals you want to accomplish. Make a blogging friend and ask him to hold you accountable and in return do the same for him – In that way you will learn a lot from each other and you will make a Blogging buddy too, win-win situation!

Final thoughts..

Time will pass anyway why don’t you utilize it for getting better future, Look at the Bigger Picture!

If you find yourself really driven towards blogging then I will suggest you to work hard for at least one year you will make yourself a successful blogger!