Highest Paying Most In-Demand Freelance Jobs

Using the internet and number of modern tools, It is now possible to earn a living and relying completely on freelancing work.

Best perk you get when working as a freelancer is you can work from anywhere you want, you have the full freedom!

At the same time, companies and firms hiring freelancers have the benefit to work with talented and professional individuals without spending money associated with hiring full-time staff.

So, if you want to start a side hustle or maybe a full time job just working from your comfort zone, then now is possibly the best time to start your freelancing career!

I have done some fair amount of research on freelancing jobs and there is a surge in the demand for these high paying freelance jobs, you don’t want to miss them if you are really looking forward to work as a freelancer.

Before getting into it, I would suggest you to earn money with skills that you have best rather finding the best paying freelance job that you are not familiar with.

Depending on the experience you have, you may set your own price but this information can give you a fair idea regarding negotiating the rates and offer your skills with the best possible prices.

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I have penned down these best high paying in-demand freelance jobs.

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Best Paying In-Demand Freelance Jobs.

Web Developer

It is the most in-demand freelancing job, as getting business online becoming a new trend and more entrepreneurs starting their businesses online.

As a developer you need to hone your skills in Programming, WordPress and other related technologies.

Don’t you worry if you don’t have WordPress skills but still want to test the waters in web development, there are tons of videos available on internet where you can easily learn this skill and work as a freelancer.

Salary: There is no limit you can charge depending on your skill and how professional you are, as a beginner you can charge $20/hr. An average salary of freelance web developer in US is $75k per year.

Graphic Designer                           

Internet/online branding is becoming more and more popular, result in increasing demand for graphic designers.

When I started freelancing few years back I started as a graphic designer and I found it the easiest freelancing job till today. And there are endless opportunities in graphic designing, you can make logos, infographics, web banners, and much more.

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If you do have a creative mind and need to polish your talent you can always learn Photoshop and Adobe illustrator.

Also there are so many designing software out there which can make your job easy and give you the freedom to work from home.

Salary: Depending on your expertise you can charge $20 to $100 per project.

Social Media Marketing

Businesses of all sizes are moving towards social media marketing for promoting their brands and getting more customer engagement. Anything from running Facebook ad campaigns to CRM marketing, the diversity of skills required in the marketing space directs the demand for all types of digital marketers across industries.

Honed digital marketing skills? Now is the arguable best time to start freelancing now and offer your services as a Digital marketer.

Salary: Intermediate social media marketers can make $50-$120 per hour.

SEO Specialist

Every business owner wants to be able to get seen first when someone types the particular keyword. Search engine optimization means the process of improving your site/page to increase its visibility for particular searches.

The best way to build SEO experience is to practice SEO more often, SEO specialist knows their targeted audience, they understand keyword search, build authority and backlinks through quality content and much more. You can earn handsome money using your SEO skills.

Salary: You can make anywhere between $2000-$5000 working as SEO freelancer.


Copywriting is a way to earn good money working from home.      

A copywriter creates compelling content/copy to sell and market products and engage consumers. Once you honed this skill you will have the power to generate income on demand and launch any product you desire.

Very few people become a successful copywriter but you can always brush your skills and learn new things, there is a lot of work available if you know how and where to find it.

Salary: Junior copywriters make between $50 to $80 per hour and experts can demand $120-$180 hourly.

Content Writing

Content writers produce online engaging content such as articles, blog posts, technical writing and other form of written online material. To compete with large numbers of freelance writers, you need to have your own unique writing style that compels the reader and turn them into potential customers.

To become a successful writer, you need to have highly developed writing skills, command on grammar and storytelling art.

If you want to pursue this kind of work, start with some research, learn writing techniques and practice a lot.

Salary: An average content writer charge $30-$50 per article based on word count. As a beginner you can charge $10 per article.


Employment of videographer and video editors is likely to grow 22% till 2029, meaning more videographer freelancing jobs.

Video graphing career can be very lucrative for the right people. With advance tools and software, it is not difficult to learn video editing skills in no time depending on your interest level. Many videographers with 2-3 years of experience earning handsome income editing videos from home.

Skills you need to have as a beginners video editor are cutting, transitions, motion graphics, intros and outros animations, color correction, stabilization and much more.

Salary: Intermediate freelance videographer make up to $90k annually, you can charge $20/hour as a beginner.

Final thoughts..

Freelancing is the best side hustle that will help you earn and save some extra money and you can leave your 9-5 job and start freelancing as a full time career. As a newbie you need a solid portfolio, learning new modern tools, awareness of industry trends and hone on your skills before starting your career as a freelancer.