How to Deal With Stress When You are Broke

It could be very frightening when you find yourself in a crushing point and become very overwhelmed by financial problems, and in that situation it is very important to take any kind of step carefully because you never know how your single decision can alter your life and make things more miserable. Study shows that the problem of depression and stress are common in those people who are suffering from their money problems.

Many of financial broke people come across a path that leads to even worst situation where they get trapped in taking drugs, drinking alcohol and gambling, and these things could be very devastating for you and your family, so here are some steps to take when you get stuck in money problem

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Identify Your Problem

First of all you need to identify that breaking point, in other words find the cause of this critical situation. Start thinking that what steps you took or decisions you made that led you to this situation. It is really important to learn from past when you face failure because this is the time when you learn and remember those mistakes. So just grab a cup of coffee, play a soft music and start thinking your weak points. By doing so you will accept your mistakes and you will be extra careful next time. And use failure as inspiration.

 Someone said it right “We learn from Failure, not from Success”.

Stay Positive.

You just need to remember that Time doesn’t remain the same and this phase is temporary. You might not have enough money right now but this could be your chance to evolve and you might put all your efforts in developing yourself, drive yourself to work hard. After all Diamonds are made under pressure.

Seek Ways to Generate Small Income.

Small incomes seem not much helpful but they really can save you from big problems like daily putting these small incomes in saving box and after few days you might be able to pay your utility bill or your loan from that income you saved daily.

 Here are some ways to earn online by doing small simple tasks.


You can work on a contract basis for different countries. For example you can write an article for someone or you can make a logo for someone’s brand or website and many more.

Top 3 best websites for freelancing jobs are

 Affiliate Marketing.

It is a way to earn commission for marketing another person’s or company’s product. When someone’s buy product from your promotion you will get a piece of profit from that sale. It is a great way to earn money online. Start a Blog and earn through affiliate marketing.

 Online Surveys.

Online surveys are good way to earn extra hundred dollars. Some survey sites also offer gift cards and other cool things in return. But not all survey sites are legit.

Here are few legit online survey websites.

Cut down your extra expenses.

By limiting your expenses you can save good amount of money that can help you in future. Also it could help you in investing in small businesses. You might be able to identify your big 4 or 5 expenditures from which you can reduce by $100-$150 for example, You can lower your cell phone bill, stop making extra purchases, try to save money on food.

Always be grateful.

Despite of stressful and overwhelmed life that is caused by your financial crisis, you should be so thankful that you are in a good health and you are able to do so many things, there are infinite things in life for which we should be always grateful, one of my favorite quote on gratitude is, “Learn to be thankful for what you already have, while you pursue all that you want”.

Exercise regularly.

Exercise is a great way to stay positive even you are in depression and it can also help you to boost your mood and improve your health. Even running is also an effective way to improve your mental health. Exercise can help you in relieve stress, improve memory and also helps in sleep better.

Develop a plan to overcome your problem and stick to it.

Start to learn tackling your financial problem and after that make a wise plan to get your finance back on a track, start budgeting and make a habit to write a journal on your expenses and savings it would be so helpful in making a plan and investing your money in a right way.

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Be creative and always try to learn new things.

Try new things like learning piano or foreign language or you can start a food blog, it would add up in your skills plus you can find your passion in it and you will enjoy doing it, and you might find a way to make a living from that particular skill.

Final thoughts..

Make your Life better or worse its up to you! But If you want to have a happy Life don’t ignore your emotions, Things will be difficult in the beginning but trust me it will worth it you will thank yourself in the future. So, stop making excuses and work for it .