How to Earn Money as a Professional PowerPoint Designer using Knowmore Platform.

Do you want to make $150-$200/week just working 2-3 hours daily just working online from anywhere, anytime? Or Are you looking to make money as a Freelancer to earn some extra cash in your spare time?

But Of course you need to put some work before you start as a beginner. This site is best for those who want to make some extra money on the side in their free time.

In this post I will give you all details on How you can earn money as a Professional PowerPoint Designer using a site called Knowmoreplatform and How this platform works.

Skills You Need to Have to Earn Money Using Knowmore.

So, only those individuals can earn money from this platform who know How to use PowerPoint and make presentations.

Here is the link if you want to download PowerPoint for Free.

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What is PowerPoint?

A PowerPoint is a tool which is commonly used to make anything from complex presentations to easy visual slides. It is generally used to make business and seminar presentations but it can be used for educational purposes as well.

Here you can see many templates and take an idea how it works.

Don’t worry If you don’t know how to use it but want to give it a try and make money from knowmore. You can always learn new skills.

In the last of this post I will share some best tutorials which will help you tremendously polishing your PowerPoint skills even there are very easy-to-follow tutorials for beginners who want to learn PowerPoint from scratch – and trust me you have to start from somewhere if you want to be successful otherwise you have plenty of excuses and choice is yours.

How Much Money You can earn on KnowmorePlatform?

If you are working as a part-time, let say just 2-3 hours daily, you can make easily $500+/month.

They pay $8/hr if you are a beginner, Once you got positive reviews and your profile leveled-up you will be able to earn more than $8/hr. So as a Specialist PowerPoint Designer you will earn around $1000/month working as a part-time but numbers can vary according to your skill level and time duration you work.

How KnowmorePlatform Works?

Knowmoreplatform is a site for freelancers who are specialist in PowerPoint Designing and making presentations. There are 110k register specialist working on this platform and making money.

Specialist gets a project with guidelines, he/she can ask and get more information from admin. Once he/she complete the project and deliver it by deadline, admin will examine and check the quality of work and when he double-checked and approved it, client will get the final presentation from admin.

Application Procedure for Applying and Becoming a Member of Knowmore Team.

The following procedure must be followed before becoming a PowerPoint Specialist on Knowmore platform.

You first need to register yourself there, after that there will be some steps that you need to pass before joining their team.

In the first step you will have a Quiz type application test and you will have 5 minutes to solve 32 questions. Questions are easy and based on analytical reasoning and IQ.

After taking quiz I will suggest you to learn and practice, so that you will easily understand the platform and their expectations. There are detailed documents to help you practice and understand things.

After that you will have an onboarding video quiz where you will have 3 hours to show your talent and make 2 presentations. One brush-up and other is visual enhancement.

After this phase you will have an onboarding video call from a team member where he/she will greet you and tell you more about this platform.

Afterwards you will gain the access to the platform where you can examine and get familiar with it and  attend two paid test projects, completing them successfully you will be able to proceed further and will be invited to a final interview.

When you pass your final interview you will be able to work live on projects and execute projects and get paid as a PowerPoint Specialist.

How to Learn PowerPoint Quickly

So if you are not skillful but want to earn money working as a freelance PowerPoint designer, No worries you can always learn and hone your PowerPoint skills.

There are lot of material and tutorials on internet to help you learn new skills as a beginner even you can learn so many software and tools for free and level up your skills and become an expert.

For PowerPoint Designing I recommend you to watch One Skill PowerPoint Tutorials.

His tutorials are very easy-to-follow, you can become PowerPoint expert in no time just by watching and follow his videos.

Final thoughts..

It takes time, dedication and consistency to be successful and achieve your goals. Just think time will pass anyway, why not to take advantage, work hard and start pursuing your dream.

There are so many other freelancing platforms where you can start working and earn money from your home, imagine What extra $1000 can do for you and your family.