How to Earn Money from Fiverr

If you are familiar with freelancing then you must have heard about Fiverr. It’s a platform where you offer your services and earn money working from anywhere.

Basically freelancing refers to a short term projects or jobs that you do working online and charge for your work as a self-employed person. The benefit of freelancing is, other than 9-5 corporate job you don’t have to show up and go to work but instead you have flexible work schedule and you can work from home or anywhere using your computer and internet connection.

Fiverr is one of the most popular and top sites for freelancers. Which provides all kind of projects, freelancers can make a profile choosing different gigs to showcase their skills from huge list of job categories.

Many freelancers are working on Fiverr as a part-time and many are earning more than their corporate jobs working as a full-time professionals just using Fiverr platform.

In this post you will learn all basic things that will help you earn money using Fiverr as a freelancer.

Create a Fiverr Account as a Seller

Starting up on Fiverr is completely free and easy, just go on Fiverr, create an account and register yourself as a seller.

Acknowledge Your Best Skills

Before setting up your gigs you need to be so clear on what services are you going to offer on fiverr. If you have honed some skills then you are good to go but if you need to polish your skills then don’t worry just learn them before diving into offering your work.

So keep in mind your passion and skills before starting.

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Checkout Your Competitors Profile

Now it’s time to see other profiles related to your expertise. Examine top rated profiles and how they set up their gigs, described their services and keywords they used- there is always many things to learn from professionals.

Make a Compelling Profile

To make your profile engaging you need to add a professional photo, write a good description and showcase your expertise and experience. In short you will have to represent yourself as an expert even if you are a beginner in freelancing.

Setup Gigs

Setting up a compelling Gig and optimizing it properly are very important steps. Once you settle on the gig to offer, you will need to test your gig against some metrics to assure it’s going to compete and sell on fiverr for example picking up correct category and sub category and using right tags or keywords. You can also add video to rank on first page video plays a huge role as clients get attracted more when you have a detail video about your services.

Price Your Services Wisely

Play fair, as a newbie you can’t offer your services with high prices as there are already some experts and professional who are working on fiverr for years, there will be no chance of getting any order if you charge too much without having any ratings on Fiverr.

Charge less in the starting, I would suggest you to charge $5 because in the beginning it is so important to get visible in search results and get views.

Buyer Requests

You might need to find some buyers and approach them at the first place, in the starting you have to keep an on buyer request so that there will be more chance to get your first order fast.

Start Marketing Your Skills on Other Platforms

Don’t rely on fiverr search engine to get seen and get your first order, try other social media platform especially professional ones like linkedIn to showcase your expertise share your fiverr link their.

Satisfy Your Client

Never argue with buyer, even if they are wrong. One negative review can harm your profile a lot and you will not be able to get orders in future so try to make them happy and satisfied and once you deliver your order ask them if they want revisions or not also don’t forget to ask them to give you positive reviews.

Make a Long-Term Relationship

So, a happy customer will always be your customer down the road, you have to deliver more than what your client expect in this way they will come back to you and would love to work with you. Building trust and maintaining a good relation with buyer will help you in future.

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Final Thoughts..

Fiverr is a great place to earn money as a freelancer. You can earn extra money working in your spare hours or you can leave your job and choose freelancing as a career. As a newbie you will struggle to get orders but you have to start your freelancing career anyway so work hard and share the gig or portfolio on various social media platform so as to increase the chances to get your first job soon as a freelancer.