How to Get Your First Order on Fiverr in 10 Days

Do you want to earn money through freelancing using Fiverr and struggling in getting your first order?

Then you are on the right place, In this post I will share some tricks and secrets to get your first orders as soon as possible on Fiverr.

Even if you are a skillful and talented person, it’s not easy to get the first order on Fiverr as a beginner.

When I first started as a freelancer, Fiverr was the first platform I approached and got so overwhelmed seeing a large number of competitors that are working on Fiverr for years. As a beginner it is so obvious that you have to struggle and work hard to get your very first order and visible on Fiverr search engine.

But don’t let this demotivate you. If you really want to earn money as a freelancer you will have to make your own identity and a solid portfolio. Other than that there are some tips and tricks that will help you to get your first Job in not time.

I will share with you what I have learned and tested, It works for so many beginners and definitely work for you If you are willing to invest your time.

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Best Tried and Tested Tips to Get Your First Sale on Fiverr Fast.

Tip no. 1: Make a Professional Profile

As a beginner you need to showcase your profile in such a professional manner. Write description that convince the buyer to work with you, tell them what benefits they will get from your services. Linked your accounts and contacts so that they have other options to reach out.

Showcasing your skills is very important there will be an option to write some of your skills, write the best ones that you have. Also don’t forget to mention your degree, certificates or program name in Education option.

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Tip no. 2: Follow other Gigs Pattern

Checkout top gigs in your niche analyze how they are representing their services and skills. Write down keywords they are using and use them in your gig but don’t copy paste you need to take those keywords and represent them in your way!

For example, “I will make an outstanding Logo for your brand”, keywords used here are outstanding, logo and brand. Using same keywords you can write, “ I will make an outstanding minimalist logo design for your premium brand”.

Tip no. 3: Use Convincing Images and Videos

Your gig description and image needs to be eye catching don’t use same image that other sellers are using. Also Fiverr like those who add videos in their gigs, and videos itself represent your work more effectively than images. You can use videos to tell buyers about your services, it will help you interact with buyers more easily and gain trust.

Tip no. 4: Use a Buyer Request Option

Don’t wait, Fiverr gives you an option and provides you 10 offers daily to reach out to buyers and send offer to them. Buyers just post their request and sellers need to send offer. There is a chance to get orders when you apply on jobs first so keep watch in Buyer Request page.

You can navigate to Buyer Request page by going to Fiver > Seller > Buyer Request

Tip no. 5: Show them your Best Previous Work

Think like a Buyer if you want to give someone a particular job and you are paying for it, you would want to hire someone with experience and expertise. So it is always better to show them your best work and gain their trust.

Tip no. 6: Offer Quick Delivery

Buyers don’t want to wait so long they want sellers to complete their project and deliver it quickly. And to beat your competitors, whom already have plenty of orders to deliver you need to speed up your job completion and take benefits from top sellers working on your niche that take more time to deliver.

Tip no. 7: Use Social Media

Don’t miss the power of using Social Media Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You can target your niche related audience by creating useful content and surround it with your skills and expertise. Redirect the clients to your Fiverr gigs and get orders.

If you do this the right way you will see people and companies will approach you and would love to give you projects.

Tip no. 8: Work For Free in the Beginning

There are lots of new account generated and go live on Fiverr. It’s impossible to get seen in a large number of new and old gigs. And if you are a beginners with zero reviews it’s nearly impossible to be visible on the search engine.

So you have to work for free for free days and ask your clients to leave positive review in return. Once you get reviews your gig will start visible in search results and chances to get sales also increases. I know it’s hard to invest your hours and work without getting paid but things take time and efforts in the beginning.

Tip no. 9 Create Multiple Gigs

Create multiple gigs that surround to your expertise. Fiverr gives you benefit to create 7 gigs when you just start, gig numbers increases as your level increases. Use all 7 gigs to showcase your talent and if you are making multiple gigs on same skill then change titles and keywords little bit and see which one works.

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Final thoughts..

Starting out as a freelancer might be overwhelming. You can use these tips to get your first order as soon as you think. If you really want to work on Fiverr to earn extra money or maybe work as a full-time freelancer, follow all steps and in 10 days you will get your first order on Fiverr.