How to make $10k in 3 months with Website/Blog Flipping

If you run a blog or familiar with website monetization you might have heard of Website Flipping.

People make $10k, $50k and even $100k with Website Flipping.

Okay let me tell you what exactly Website Flipping is,

What is Website Flipping?

Just like owning a house or other properties, websites/blogs can also be treated as one of them, meaning you can buy a blog (or make a new one), maintain it, and then sell (flip) it for profit.

If you already running a website or blog, you can sell it for good money. Basically It’s a concept of buying at low cost, build it up or fix it up and sell it to other person for a good profit. Just like House Flipping.

Now you must be wondering how much money can someone make with website/blog flipping. Well, there are different factors that count your website worth which I will discuss in detail.

How to sell a website/blog for $10k in 3 months?

Selling a website for $10,000 is realistic and achievable, many bloggers sold their blogs for more than $10k.

I have penned down the exacts steps that will make your blog/website $10k+ worthy in 3 months.

If you haven’t start a blog/website then read my post on How to start a profitable blog and get your very own blog in 15 minutes or less.

Note: you can sell your website if it is self-hosted and your website name (domain) is registered. You can’t make money if your website is on free-platform like Blogger or Wix.

Set up your blog with bests WordPress plugins.

So, this step is very important to make your blog foundation strong there are some most important WordPress plugins to install, If you do have a blog and still don’t have these plugins then add these following WordPress plugins right now to your site.

 iTheme security, I use to secure my website, Yoast SEO to rank higher in search engine and Google  Analytics by MonsterInsights.

Visuals are Important

Make sure your Website appearance is appealing and attractive. Use themes according to your niche. You can free themes and premium themes, if you have a tight budget I will suggest you to stick with free theme but it should look professional.

My favorite free themes are Foodica, Neve and Astra.

Make Quality Content

There should be something in your shop to sell, same theory goes with having a blog. You need to make good amount of quality content so that readers will come and get engaged with your content.

Quality and quantity both are important if you want your blog to sell for nice price. Your blog should have 25 standard posts with good quality images and inbound outbound links. Also make content related to your niche/topic and what your targeted audience needs.

How to grow your blog and make it Worthy?

So, let’s say you have your own self-hosted blog with important plugins, a good looking theme and 20-25 well written blog posts with About and Privacy Policy Page.

And if you are starting a new blog and creating it from scratch, It will take around 1.5 months (if you work 3-4 daily) to build and set up to the point of having 25 blog posts and what I mentioned above. It can take more or less time depending on time you spend working on you blog.

You will need to focus on two most important factors of Blogging to make a good value of your Blog.

Grow Traffic

Now, its time to get traffic which is a long process if you want an organic traffic (that is traffic coming from Google Search Engine) but the best and my favorite way to get traffic fast is through Pinterest. Pinterest do wonders for new bloggers who don’t want to wait for organic traffic to come to their websites.

Pin high quality Pins and Pin to relevant group boards. You should upload 10 Pins (your blog Pins) daily for better results. Also use keywords in your Pins and Boards descriptions.

Tip: Once you publish 8-10 posts, start using and learning Pinterest to get traffic to your new blog. And then simultaneously work on creating more content and getting traffic.

Grow Income

It is hard for a newbie to monetize a new blog, But let me tell you it is not that hard you just have to be more discipline in your blogging journey.


I will suggest you to add AdSense to your blog right after publishing 10 posts, AdSense won’t do wonders and don’t expect to earn $100s from AdSense with low traffic but having and running ads on a new website definitely add value to it. Later on you can join other networks like or Monumetric.

Affiliate Marketing

Get registered to at least 10 Affiliate Marketing companies and use Affiliate Links in every blog post.

Read also: Best Affiliate Marketing programs to join.

It is important and beneficial to monetize your blog using Affiliate Marketing because most of the money you will make from your blog initially is through Affiliate Marketing.

Offer Services

I will suggest you to start monetizing your blog with offering your best 1-2 services and make content around them. As a beginner don’t be too expensive and offer your services with affordable price.

Work on you blog/website for 3 months using this technique and sale your blog for $8k-$10k. Usually the value of your blog can be calculated or analyzed by this rule; Average Income your blog generate multiple to 24. And by following my strategy you will easily make your blog worthy and sell it for nice price may be more for than $10,000.

Where to Sell Your Blog?

You can use website called Flippa which is very popular for buying and selling websites. Also you can try Website Broker, Buy Sell Websites and Digital Point Forum.