How to make money on Pinterest

Do you love Pinterest and use it for good suggestions and daily use?

And What if I tell you that you can make a full-time income with Pinterest! How exciting! right?

There are over 350 million users of Pinterest and it is the only visual search engine optimization.

Many People are working online and making good amount of money using Pinterest.

And in this post I will tell you all best ways to make money with Pinterest with or without a website.

So, let’s begin! Shall we?

How to make money on Pinterest without a Blog

So, If you want to make money using Pinterest without a blog or website then here are some other ways too.

Some consider them best ways that doesn’t require to register a domain name for a website or blog and build it up.

And yes it is very much possible to earn a decent money without having a website!

I am sharing two methods to earn money from Pinterest without a website.

Affiliate Marketing

The easiest and most popular way to earn money from Pinterest is to become an Affiliate Marketer and promote products for other businesses with your unique Affiliate link.

If you don’t know what Affiliate Marketing is then let me first clear this up for you.

Affiliate Marketing is where you promote a product of others with a unique link and when someone buys it through your link you get a commission of making a sell for them by promoting their product.

For example, you like an online course and found it useful now you think that it can benefit others as well then you will go to that course site and search for Affiliate Program there, If you find an affiliate program you will join it and get the unique URL and when you promote that course you will use that link and when someone buys it through your link you will get some percentage of commission of the total cost of the product.

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So, How will you do Affiliate Marketing with Pinterest?

It’s easy and simple you just need to find a good affiliate product and create a pin with Pinterest Business Account, add your affiliate link. But you need to make 10-15 new pins daily, I will suggest you make a list of 10-20 products you want to promote and make pins in bulk.

Here is the step by step guide on How to monetize Pinterest with Affiliate Marketing.

  • First, pick an affiliate product that you want to promote.
  • Get yourself registered with respective affiliate program.
  • Now, set up a Pinterest Business Account.
  • Build up relevant connections.
  • Create Pinterest Boards that are relevant to your Affiliate Product or niche.
  • Pin others pins to relevant boards to fill up these boards with content.
  • Design or create attractive pins on Canva.
  • Upload your pin to Pinterest with keyword title and description.
  • Add Affiliate link and save it to your relevant boards and group boards.
  • Join group boards around your niche.
  • Create 10-20 new pins daily and upload them in personal and group boards as well.
  • Use scheduler like Tailwind to pin at optimal time and get connected with like-minded businesses.

Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

The other way to make money on Pinterest without website is becoming a Virtual Assistant and work for clients.

If you love Pinterest then this might be the best option to consider as you will work with different clients and on different accounts.

So, What exactly a Pinterest Virtual Assistant do?

Pinterest VA help his client by maintaining the brand on Pinterest and optimizing the Pinterest Account.

I am breaking down the details to make it more precise.

  • Creating attractive and stellar pins
  • Write keyword rich pin descriptions
  • Scheduling pins on tailwind or other scheduler
  • Creating and optimizing group boards
  • Apply to group boards related to client’s business niche.

You can charge your client $15-$20 per hour and later increase it once you get experience.

How to make money on Pinterest with a Blog?

With website you can build up your own brand and make money from Pinterest in a long run.

Your business or website appearance on Pinterest will help you getting traffic to your website and make it popular. Many bloggers use Pinterest as a primary source to get traffic to their blog or websites.

As it is becoming more harder to get rank on first page of Google many online entrepreneurs recommend Pinterest to get clicks on your site, also it’s a Visual Search Engine with over 350 million users.

Here I will tell you step by step that How you can make money on Pinterest with Website.

First, If you don’t have a website you’ll have to register a domain name, choose a domain that matches your blog topic or niche. Read a step by step guide on How to start/build a website.

Then build up your website with quality content like writing useful articles uploading relevant images etc.

There are so many ways to monetize your website but in beginning, I will recommend you to do Affiliate marketing and monetize your site with ads.

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Obviously, in order to get sales, you will have to generate traffic first and here when you need Pinterest. You can generate 100,000 traffic just from Pinterest, Yes! Pinterest has that potential but it can’t be done overnight.

To make your website popular on Pinterest you’ll need to be consistent with your website content and Pinterest content strategy, meaning pin multiple times daily, build community on Pinterest, and creating quality articles that your targeted audience needs.

If you are not comfortable in building a website from scratch you can always look up to hiring a freelancer also you can buy a website that has some content and you can monetize it.

Once you get eyeballs on your website earning methods are unlimited. You can create Passive Income through your blog or you can make $1000+ by selling your services, products, or online courses. Sponsored posts are another option to make a few hundred dollars from a website.

Remember, You can achieve your desire goals only If you are consistent and having a growth mindset.