How to make money with Affiliate Marketing as a beginner with no money or website

In this post I am going to share with you how you can make money with Affiliate Marketing as a beginner from scratch with no money and no website.

If you are looking for ways to make money online and you don’t have money to invest for courses and coachings and for starting a Website. Affiliate Marketing is the Best and most popular strategy to make money working from home or anywhere.

Now of course If you do have money to start with, great! Investments have good advantages, you can start in a proper way using tools and resources and it can help you accelerate the process and earn fast with Affiliate Marketing.

But In this post I will share you my strategy If I was starting all over again from scratch without having money to invest, what I would do to make money online.

But first If you don’t know what Affiliate Marketing is, let me tell you real quick,

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a process of you earning a commission by promoting someone else’s product , so when someone purchase that product through your referral link or unique affiliate link you will earn some commission.

Company will give you some percentage of actual product price in every sale they make from your affiliate link. Percentage of commission depends on affiliate marketing program you are working with.

Usually Affiliate programs with online courses, books or training programs give you 40% to 50% commission. So if the cost of an online course is about $500 dollars you will get $250 for each sale you generate for them.

Generally Physical products do have lower commission rates as compare to online products.

There are lot of affiliate programs and market places where you can find online product to promote like Clickbank, JvZoo, and many more.

Now lets talk about the strategy that you will use to make money through affiliate marketing for free.

Step no. 1 Choose a Product

So first you need to find a product that actually is beneficial and trustworthy it would be great if you already have used it and you liked it. If you haven’t use it before and you think that it’s helpful for someone then be transparent and tell them that you haven’t used it but it looks great maybe it can help you. Gaining trust with your audience is soo IMPORTANT!

Where to find Products?

So if you want to promote online courses, most of them have affiliate programs that you can join for free.

If you are struggling in finding online products to promote then you can use platforms such as  ClickBank, ShareASale or JVZoo. Read Best Affiliate Marketing programs to join.

Step no. 2 Generate Traffic

Now you want audience or traffic or other people attention. And of course you don’t want to spend money on creating and building up a Website/Blog.

So there are lot of free ways to get people’s eye ball on you and some platforms you are already using.

Yes I am talking about social media, lots of influencers and online entrepreneurs use social media to make money. Every one use social media and they search online for their problems. You can get your affiliate sales by promoting products on social media and guess what you don’t have to invest a single penny.

Here are some best platforms where you can get people’s attention and trust.

3 Best social media platforms to get loyal audience

I don’t want you to go overboard and try and use all social media platforms as working on so many at a time can be overwhelmed and exhausted so I will suggest you to work on 2-3 platforms and build audience.

Also when you use one or few sites you will focus more in creating content, getting traffic and gaining trust of your targeted audience.


The best platform which I personally like to use for online entrepreneurship is YouTube. You can grab your phone camera and start talking about the product, pros and cons or you can make a product review video.

YouTube does have a lot of potential to get your targeted audience if you are doing it the right way.


It is a platform where people come and search for the solutions of their problem. People share their own stories and help others. It is best and good platform to gain trust of others and work as an affiliate marketer.


Many influencers, solopreneurs and small businesses use Instagram to get attention. And it’s not hard to find people of your niche and get connected to them through Instagram, everybody is on Instagram for their personal and professional reasons.

I even wrote an article on How to make money on Instagram for free, using 3 modules.

You can use FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. But as I said earlier just work on 2 platforms, create useful content on a certain niche or topic, build a community and attract people. Interact with your audience through videos, gain their trust and eventually promote your affiliate products.

Final thoughts..

Affiliate Marketing is a pretty simple process, use social media and create content around a specific product (has affiliate program that you can join), reach to your targeted audience and get commission on each sale.

You can start for free as an affiliate marketer using this method and earn money online working as a part-time.