How to Make Passive Income from your Blog

First thing first, Is it Possible to earn Passively with blogging?

Yes, it is Possible in fact you can earn a good amount of passive income with your blog. Bloggers in my niche make 10k a month, 20k, to over 100k a month. The possibilities are endless.

How? Well If you have 10-15 minutes to read this post you will come to know How you can generate a passive stream with your own Blog. Not only this, I will show you how much money you can make through blogging while sleeping.

By using right strategies you can make your blog a money making machine, If you’re struggling with getting traffic you might not be blogging the right way, don’t worry it happens to all and we all learn with time and efforts.

And if you haven’t started a blog and want to have your own business blog, then this step by step guide will help you on How to start a profitable business blog.

Also If you are stuck and struggling in blogging (startup, roadmap, audit,..) I can help you– I believe two minds are better than one!

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How your blog can make money passively?

If your blog is getting 1000 daily unique visitors, your blog is doing well and should be pretty popular. But If you are a beginner then don’t worry you need a proper Roadmap – Remember, we all have to start somewhere and doing something is better than doing nothing at all. It’s all about mind, you can turn your passion into a successful online business. 

Let’s talk numbers

The estimates provided below is to give you ballpark figure about the earning potential of blogging and clearly this revenue model might change as changing figures and facts.

Your blog views daily – 1000

Ad revenue:

Ads placed in the blog – 4

Total number of ad impressions – 4 x 1000 = 4000 / day

CPR-Cost per Mill (Earning for 1000 impressions) – 4$ (This is based on niche and country your traffic coming from, I am taking an average earning it can be high as much as $25 or low as $1)

Daily average earning – (4000/1000) x 4 = $16 / day

Monthly income = 30 x 16 = $480

Above estimated value is based on Google AdSense earnings, many other ad networks like and Infolinks pay way more high than Google Adsense.

You might be getting some clicks on these ads, the above figure also include the 1% to 2% click through rate as well. Revenue from ad clicks are negligible to none in most cases.

Affiliate Marketing Revenue:

It is one of the popular ways of earning from blog. If you do it the right way this method alone will be enough to get $1000+ monthly.

Generally 1% to 2% of people click on your affiliate link and 10% of these visitors may finish purchasing from your affiliate link.

Daily conversion -1000 x 1/100 = 10 affiliate clicks

Finished purchase – 10 x 10/100 = 1 purchases

Let’s say your affiliate earning is – $20

Your daily income from affiliate – 20 x 1 = $20

Monthly affiliate revenue – 20 * 30 = $600 – $1200 (if 2% of users click on your affiliate link)

Taking average = $900

Selling own Product or Courses Revenue:

Selling online courses or products can change your Blogging game. It is the most lucrative way to earn passive income with your blog. And that’s how those bloggers make $10+ passively with their blogs.

Your Product Your Price but don’t be greedy. Set Price that are affordable to your audience.

Let’s say you’re selling valuable online course that is targeting your audience.

Your Online Course Value = $200

Initially within a month 15 Users end up purchasing your course.  

Selling Online course Revenue – 200*15 = $3000

Now let’s imagine you are selling an ebook as well through your blog.

Ebook Price = $35

You got 20 people to buy your ebook

Selling ebook revenue – 20*35 = $700

Total Revenue potential / Month = 480 + 900 + 3000 + 700 = $5080 with 1000 daily unique visitors.

You can earn $5000/month with thousand unique visitors daily passively and this is a BIG DEAL!!

Haven’t you started a blog yet? don’t waste your time please, here is a step by step guide on How to start your very own blog/website.

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And if you are a newbie and not sure about blogging strategies and all, you can hire me to provide you a complete Roadmap more specifically related to your niche and audience you want to target.

Again these estimates are only to give you an idea about the passive earning potential through your blogging, it can vary with models, strategies and other factors, you can make more or than less than $5000 when your blog is getting 1000 visitors daily.

The sad reality is that most people give up so soon they don’t follow the map, they want things to be happened overnight and essentially waste a lot of time.