Self-Employment VS Employment: Which one is best for you?

There are two types of people one who work for their selves (self-employed) and second are those who work for others, neglecting minorities of people who are employees plus they run their own small businesses too.

Being self-employed without worrying about nine to five grind may seem like a dream to many individuals but not everyone is able to handle the hustle of self-employment, on the other hand some people are not meant to work for someone else. 

It’s not about which one is better than other, this question vary from person to person only you know better what works for you

Are you the person who can start from scratch, go through all ups and downs and face new challenges every day in your business? OR Do you enjoy working and completing assignments for company and can happily sacrifice your sleep for others? For me I always like the idea of becoming my own boss and waking up early for my own self but it’s not that easy as it seems!

There is an old saying “If working for yourself was easy, everyone would do it

Here are few factors which will help you know, are you meant to be self-employed or not?

Do you want to control your Life?

Everybody wants to take control of their lives right? But it means more than that, a lot more than that. Well if you want to succeed out on your own then you must learn to control each minute of your life! I know it feels overwhelmed already but wait, if you want to get something extra ordinary then you need to put extra ordinary efforts too!!

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When we work for someone else we bound to so many things like our time, our ideas, and our limitations, for what? For money. I know there are some people who don’t like to be that, Who don’t like to put efforts to make the BOSS happy but remember if you want to be self-employed then first you need to learn to control your mind. You will face so many obstacles in starting but once you learned to handle that phase then you are good to go, so if you own a personality that doesn’t want someone to control his life then you are likely to become a self-employed person.

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Are you Self-Disciplined?

Successful people are self-disciplined, they know how to master their emotions and they always see bigger picture. If you are not satisfied with your current self and want to break out your comfort zone then you must learn to be more self-disciplined and it will lead you to the success. Do you own this quality? If yes then you must consider to become self-employed, you will be more satisfied than your job!

The difference between the successful and unsuccessful people is SELF-DISCIPLINED. When you learn not to snooze your alarm and jump out of your bad early to start your day it means you start disciplining yourself. So, if you find yourself self-controlling it would be a highly positive sign that you are better off being self-employed.

Want to become more Self-Disciplined?

“If you want to control your life start controlling your mind and you will see wonders”

Test out these proven methods to improve your self-disciplined and gaining better control.

Live a Healthy Life

Healthy living is not only about physical health, it also involves emotional, mental and spiritual health. So include exercise, meditation and healthy food – Do whatever it takes to make your lifestyle healthy, it will help you to focus on your goals.

Read Daily

Reading books and watching videos/movies are source of motivation and boost your self-confidence-the more you consume good things the more you become disciplined.

Challenge Yourself!

Start Challenging yourself to live the best life. It could be personal or physical challenges or things that you know can improve your self-growth. Whatever challenge you give to yourself, you just need to accept it and complete it!

Do you learn Lessons from Failure?

Nobody likes to fail and we all try to avoid failure, but beside that failure is life’s greatest teacher. Failure in Life is necessary, surely it hurts like hell but it teaches important aspects of life. The most successful people have failed so many times in their life but what they did? They learned those lessons that were taught by their failures and now they are successful.

Thomas Edison famously failed almost 10,000 times to create an electric light bulb, with every trial he gained valuable lesson until he got success.

We don’t realize that if we want success then failure is mandatory it will come to your way sooner or later! However we need to be always ready to learn those important lessons that come along with failure.

So, do you take failures as a great chance to gain more knowledge and grow? Yes? Well then you have the ability to be successful, whether in business or job.

Do you enjoy working alone more than a team work?

When you work in organizations, you often have to work in teams. Individuals usually prefer their own approach of working. And some people enjoy working in as a team.

Do you prefer working alone? And never satisfy working with team? Some people like to share work with others and some don’t. In each case they have to work whether with team or alone, are you a kind of person who doesn’t want to share work and credits? And you are better off alone worker then you can become self-employed easily and can do all things on your own. It will be easy for you to only depend on yourself and take the charge.

Final thoughts..

At the end it all comes down what suits to your personality, if you want to control your destiny and want to challenge yourself then go with self-employment and if you like your boss then stick with being employed. OR you can enjoy doing both.

If you think self-employment is your thing then I will recommend you to start from a small online business like Blogging (How to start a Profitable Blogging Business and make money online) or Drop-shipping or something else there are tons of options.