The Ultimate Guide to Make Money Using Instagram

If you want to make money using your Instagram account then this post contains all information that you need to make money from Instagram.

Social media platforms poses the power to attract people towards them, and nowadays one of the most popular and in-trend social media site/app is INSTAGRAM. Millions and millions of people regardless their age and gender spend their spare time using Instagram.

On this platform you can turn Instagram users into your potential customers and can build a popular and profitable brand and make money from home.

In this post I will share you best possible ways to earn money through Instagram and things that I learned when I start my Online Clothing Brand on Instagram.

But first let’s talk about most important factors that will help you grow your Instagram account and turn it into a lucrative business.

Online Branding

Your Instagram account/page Growth depends on your brand appearance. Whether you’re a beginner who wants to start it as a side hustle or experienced who wants to make his/her local shop online and want to grow his business using social media platforms you need to make a professional outlook of your account.

Business Name

For Online branding you need to have a business name that suits to your targeted audience for example if you want to make money selling clothes then you might name your brand “red ribbon” or “teen tops”.


Logo is a signature or a mark that represents you and your business and distinct from others. The most important part of starting a new business is going with the design that symbolize your brand identity and make it more popular.


Slogan is a particular phrase that you use while representing your business. For example, Nike slogan is “Just Do It” and world famous beauty brand L’Oréal’s “ Because You Worth It”. You can choose your own slogan that conveys your brand spirit.

Solid brand strategy insanely boosts the chances of your brand to compete in market – so you can’t neglect it.


When you have a large following there will be more chance to get engagements and more people will able to see your posts. As a micro influencer you need to have at least 5k followers on Instagram.

You can get thousands of followers by doing promotions and spend money but if you want to run a long term successful business then you need to focus on getting organic followers.

For genuine followers you have to select a particular topic/niche in which you will target specific audience. To make people see your account as a brand you’ll have to switch your personal account to business account and complete your bio.


For running a successful business and make money from Instagram it is necessary to post relevant content. The quality of content is all that matters, post content that is helpful for your audience that’s how your audience get engaged to you and eventually they will turn into potential customers.

Also there is a huge role of using hashtags in your posts, make sure you use relevant hashtags so that more eyes can see your brand.


Instagram algorithm likes those who spend more time on their platform and consistency is the main ingredient to get seen to more people and increase your following.

Post at least three time on a daily basis. To get more engagement and impressions you have to add stories as well, it’s a tool that allows you to know your audience 10x more. So, take advantage of this Instagram feature and improve your business marketing.

Pricing and Customer satisfaction

Another factor that is very important to earn money from social media platform especially with Instagram is customer satisfaction and reasonable pricing. You are showing products virtually it is important to give what you showed them and to make potential customers you have keep product pricing reachable.

Now let’s talk about the best ways how you can make money using Instagram.

Best 3 Models to Make Money on Instagram

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn commission when you suggest or recommend product that you use and trust, when someone purchase that product from your affiliate link you will get some percentage of actual product price.

Many Instagram users make decent amount of money using Affiliate Marketing. It is a good way to earn some extra money using social media.


Many micro or macro Instagram influencers earn money from sponsored posts. If you have 5k followers you can promote products from all kind of brands and make money just promoting products and talking about those products.

Influencers have the power to convince their loyal audience to buy that certain product, the audience trust them and they listen to their influencers. And brands tend to partner with Instagram influencers to do sponsored posts and in return they pay a decent amount.

Selling Own Products

You can turn your personal account into a business account and start selling your own products.

You can sell physical goods, digital items and services and make thousands of dollars without worrying to have 10k followers. If you have right 1k followers then you can easily start making money but the more is better.

You can earn a living just using Instagram but obviously your income depends on how large your following is, your brand reputation and most important your ability to grow and make a trusted relationship with your audience over the time.