Ultimate Guide To Setting Goals

“Setting Goals Is The First Step In Turning Invisible To Visible” by Tony Robbins

Alright, let’s cut straight to the chase. We all have some goals to accomplish but we are FAILED to do so!!

When you don’t work to achieve your goals, you are loosing self-confidence!


If you want to take control of your life then Setting Goals is the first thing you need to do or otherwise you will be controlled by someone else!

How establishing measurable Goals can change your life?

Well, if you desire to achieve any kind of aim you must see and analyze what strategy should you use to accomplish that particular goal and the first step towards your achievement is setting realistic goals.

In short, the path between you and your achievement is setting goals and it gives you direction and motivation to achieve whatever you want from your life whether it’s an Olympic Gold Medal, a Body you desire, or your Dream Car.

Setting goals is not for everyone there are people who don’t want any change in their life they just don’t push their selves and go with the flow is an easy choice for them but those who really want to do something in their lives and want much more from it, they are the one who set goals and stick to their plans no matter what obstacles come in their way and finally they end up achieving it.

Setting goals doesn’t require New Year or New Day it just requires New Mindset and Commitment.

Now you must be thinking that I have done it so many times but what’s the use? it doesn’t work or my habits don’t let it work. Then you are not alone we all face this situation I have faced it too so many times but you know what? if you badly want something then you gonna crush those habits YES you will! But you need that BURNING DESIRE in your heart and nobody can help you to do so it comes naturally and if you have that BURNING DESIRE then I want you to grab a pen and paper and write down following steps to set your goals.

These steps will help you tremendously in setting your goals and by implementing these steps you will achieve whatever you want in your life, I promise.

Before diving into steps, I want you to know that you will definitely face many obstacles but remember that your mindset should be open to learn and you should enjoy the process.

Let’s explore steps that will help you to achieve your goals.

What is Your Burning Desire?

The first thing you need to decide is which goals drive you crazy and build excitement in you and the reason why I don’t want you to focus on all your goals at a time is because your goals are the main barriers YES they all compete with another to get your attention sounds crazy right?

But this is true that’s why you need to pause your less important goals and focus on big ones, I suggest you to take 2-3 goals at a time not more than that, by doing so you will be able to give full attention to that particular goals and once you achieved it then you can move on to others.

For example, if you are an artist and want to make more money as artist work on that goal plus set target for your health and start doing Yoga or Exercise.

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Make A Commitment.

Once you decide your top priorities of goals then the next step you should do is to sit on a chair take a deep breath and tell yourself that how badly you want to achieve this goal and how important is for you to get it and tell yourself that you will face so many challenges but you need to be committed. Remember this that once you break your commitment, not only it will affect you to get your achievement but it will also affect your inner confidence.

Keep Your Goals Visible All The Time.

This step is very important , you need to know what you want and where are you going, by making visible your goals it would be easy to remain on track and you will be always motivated by seeing your goals list.

Make a written plan and paste it on a wall or you can make a vision board. Goals that are not visible are often never achieved. You need to stay connected with them. Review your goals each day and track your progress.

Take Small Steps.

Small steps do work. By putting small efforts daily you will see results gradually because once you set a big goal it can’t be accomplished instantly. For example you want to lose 20 pounds, you will cut down your carbs and sugar and exercise daily by doing so you will see that you lost 5 pounds so by taking good diet and workout daily now your weight is reduced to 5 ponds and it didn’t happened overnight you took small but effective actions and now you will repeat those actions daily until you reduce more 15 pounds.

Drop Habits That Are Stopping You.

We all have bad habits that somehow stop us and become barriers. We all want them to go but we don’t let them go right? You need to get clear on that you only have two choices, either let go your bad habit and get successful OR you stick with your bad habit and let your life miserable, NO pressure choice is yours! The key to get rid of those habits is to keep up your motivation.

You need to have very compelling reasons for why you want to kick those habits.

For example, If you want to make money as a Food Blogger just think How extra earning plus following your passion will change your life.

Get An Accountability System.

When you set goals you want to make sure you achieve them. Goals are meant to be achieved. People give up easily when they don’t see results. Achieving goals takes time, discipline and lots of hard work. ASTD studied on accountability and found that if you commit to someone then your chance to achieve your goal is 65% and if you have a specific accountability appointment with a person then you will increase your chance of success to 95%.

Final thoughts..

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Just follow your dreams Hold On Tight and Never Give Up!

You are the only person that can turn your dreams into reality!

“Never Give Up On Something You Really Want. It’s Difficult To Wait, But Worse To Regret”

And if you have any question or comments please let me know, I would love to hear from you guys. Stay Blessed.